Studio 12′ Enclosure
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Studio 12′ Enclosure



Elevate your golfing experience with our Studio 12′ Enclosure. Featuring a durable steel frame and a high-impact screen, this product brings the excitement and challenge of the golf course right to your doorstep. Perfect your swing, analyze your shots, and enjoy the game in a comfortable and controlled environment.

  • 12′ x 8’6″ x 5’4″
  • Sturdy Steel Frame
  • High-Impact Screen
  • Easy Setup
  • Weather-Independent Golfing

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Immerse yourself in a refined golfing experience with our Studio 12′ Enclosure. Carefully crafted to deliver optimal performance, this product combines a durable steel frame and a high-impact screen to replicate the excitement and challenge of the golf course, right at your doorstep. Elevate your game as you perfect your swing, analyze shots, and enjoy the sport within the comfort of a controlled environment.

Key Features:

  • Generous Dimensions: Spacious 12′ x 8’6″ x 5’4″ dimensions provide a comfortable yet immersive golfing space for focused practice sessions.
  • Sturdy Steel Frame: The enclosure is fortified with a robust steel frame, ensuring stability and longevity for sustained golfing enjoyment.
  • High-Impact Screen: Experience the realism of the golf course with a high-impact screen designed to endure powerful shots while delivering accurate feedback.
  • Easy Setup: Streamline your practice routine with an easy assembly process, allowing you to concentrate more on refining your skills and less on setup logistics.
  • Weather-Independent Golfing: Overcome weather constraints and engage in golfing at any time with this weather-independent solution, enhancing the flexibility of your training sessions.

Additional Benefit:

  • Enhanced Lighting Design: The Studio 12′ Enclosure features improved lighting design, ensuring a well-lit environment for optimal visibility during your practice sessions.

Why Choose the Studio 12′ Enclosure:

  • Professional-Grade Construction: Crafted with precision, featuring a sturdy steel frame and high-impact screen for an authentic golfing experience.
  • Optimal Dimensions: The generous yet practical dimensions provide an immersive golfing space while maintaining a comfortable environment for focused practice.
  • Efficient Setup: Minimize setup time with an easy assembly process, maximizing the time spent perfecting your swing and analyzing shots.
  • Weather-Independent: Enjoy golfing year-round without being hindered by external weather conditions.
  • Enhanced Lighting: The improved lighting design ensures visibility is optimal, allowing you to practice with clarity and precision.

Invest in the Studio 12′ Enclosure for a refined and comfortable golfing experience within your home. Perfect your game, enjoy controlled surroundings, and benefit from enhanced lighting for an exceptional practice session.



WARNING: Golf can be a dangerous activity. When swinging a golf club or hitting a golf ball make sure you have ample space to do so without harming others or damaging property, and when indoors, take additional precaution to avoid hitting the ceiling. ALWAYS USE YOUR SKYTRAK PRODUCT IN A SAFE AREA, AWAY FROM PEOPLE, ESPECIALLY SMALL CHILDREN, AND PROPERTY. WHEN HITTING GOLF BALLS INDOORS, INCLUDING YOUR GARAGE, ALWAYS USE A SAFETY NET SPECIFICALLY DESIGNED FOR USE WITH GOLF BALLS. Failure to follow these precautions can lead to serious injury or death to persons and damage to property. When setting up your SkyTrak system for use, the SkyTrak device, your smartphone, tablet or computer and any playback device like your television, should be placed safely away from your hitting area and preferably safely to the side and behind the golf ball to prevent the golf club or golf ball, especially errantly hit golf balls, from damaging these devices. SkyTrak assumes no liability or responsibility for the failure of the user to follow these precautions.