HomeCourse® Wall Mount Kit

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It works in combination with the Ceiling Mount Kit which is included with HomeCourse.

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Elevate your HomeCourse experience by opting for the Wall Mount Kit, an essential accessory for mounting your HomeCourse golf simulator onto a wall. This kit seamlessly complements the included Ceiling Mount Kit, providing a comprehensive solution for installation.

Key Features and Benefits:

  • Enhanced Mounting Options:
  • Expand your installation possibilities with the HomeCourse Wall Mount Kit. Ideal for users with tall ceilings (9ft. or taller), this kit offers an alternative mounting solution to cater to varying room configurations.
  • Complements Ceiling Mount Kit:
  • Designed to work harmoniously with the Ceiling Mount Kit included with your HomeCourse, the Wall Mount Kit ensures comprehensive and secure mounting, providing stability for an immersive golf simulation experience.
  • Professional-Grade Installation:
  • Achieve a sleek and professional setup by opting for wall mounting. This kit adds a touch of sophistication to your HomeCourse simulator, creating a space-efficient and visually appealing golf simulation area.
  • Versatile Room Configurations:
  • Adapt your HomeCourse to different room layouts effortlessly. The Wall Mount Kit allows for flexible positioning, enabling users to optimize their golf simulation setup based on room dimensions and preferences.
  • International Shipping Support:
  • For orders shipping outside the U.S., the HomeCourse team ensures a seamless process. A team member will reach out to provide an accurate shipping quote before fulfilling the order, ensuring clarity and transparency in the purchasing process.


  • This kit is specifically designed for use with HomeCourse golf simulators.

Transform your golf simulation setup with the HomeCourse Wall Mount Kit, unlocking versatile mounting options for a tailored and sophisticated experience. Ideal for users with taller ceilings, this kit enhances the overall aesthetics and functionality of your HomeCourse golf simulator.