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The Net Return™ Pro Series V2 Large Golf Net is the only golf net in the world that automatically returns the ball back to the golfer! It is the new and improved version of the legendary Net Return Pro Series Net.

Net Return’s newest line of Pro Series is the Large models that can be either 8′, 9′, or 10′ in width and is an additional 6″ taller than the standard Pro Series V2 net. Net Return offers three different sizes of the Large Pro Series Nets:

  • Pro Series V2 Large 8′ – 8’W x 8’H x 3’6″D
  • Pro Series V2 Large 9′ – 9’W x 8’H x 3’6″D
  • Pro Series V2 Large 10′ – 10’W x 8’H x 3’6″D

The Net Return Pro Series

V2 Large Features:

  • More Netting: The Pro Series V2 Large offers more netting, which provides greater durability, more safety, and longer net life. It can handle golf ball speeds of 225 MPH with ease and is designed for years of use.
  • Side Wings: The Net Return Pro Series V2 Large features side wings to ensure that all mishit balls will stay within the hitting area. The velcro on the side wings will make the installation of the side barriers a lot easier.
  • Polyester Black Sleeve: New polyester black sleeve around the netting will provide a longer life of your net in terms of UV protection compared to the nylon sleeve used in the old version of the net. Polyester is lighter-weight, more durable, and more UV-resistant fabric.
  • Powder-Coated Frame: New Pro Series Large comes with the Black powder-coated frame for a sleeker look.

If using the Pro Series Net indoors or in an area where errant balls are a safety concern, Side Barriers are required. Many golfers also choose to add the Side Barriers when considering “Friends and Family” hitting into the net.

Multi-Sport Use:

The Net Return™ Pro Series V2 Large is not just for Golf. It can be used for numerous sports such as Soccer, Baseball, Softball, and Lacrosse.

The Net Return Net offers you unparalleled performance, premium quality, rugged durability and provides Instant Shot Feedback. Each and every Pro Series Net is handmade, individually inspected and tested, and proudly Made in the USA.

The Net Return Universal Side Barriers

Universal Side Barriers


[+$249]The Net Return Universal Side barriers insure that mishit balls never leave the hitting area. The Side Barriers are made of polyester netting, setup in under 5 minutes, and can be easily stored or transported. Each Side Barrier is individually cut and sewn by hand. They can be extended straight out or setup on wider angles as needs dictate. Each set of Side Barriers are extended out by using sandbags.



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